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This session is for you who would like to re-establish a deeper and more loving relationship with your body and who would like to feel at home in your own body. Sometimes we feel alienated in our own body. We may feel that it is an obstacle or that it opposes us. Maybe we do not feel completely at home in life either. It feels insecure and like a struggle for survival either physically or mentally.


There is nothing any of us would rather than feel at home, safe, free and connected.


Unfortunately, most of us have experienced failure and abuse to varying degrees. We carry around a lot of guilt and shame and we shut off parts of our body or choose not to be very much in our body at all. We become absent in life and it creates a great deal of sadness and longing in us. We dry out and contract when the energy does not flow freely within us, when life cannot flow freely through us. It is about rediscovering ourselves, choosing life again, awakening our juice and power, finding our own voice.


In this ancient Temple Ritual, two "Temple Priestesses" receive you and hold a space for you where everything that has locked and crippled your body and mind can leave your system. They use their own bodies to communicate with your body, they use prayer, blessings, breathing, touch and not least, they let the divine feminine power flow freely through them and through you. You will be held in the safest hands and can surrender completely.


It is very beautiful and deep work. Nudity occurs, but absolutely nothing sexual, although the sexual energy is also activated.

Session with two therapists for 120 min

PRICE: €333 and is given in Lund, Sweden

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