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Ceremony day
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Do you feel called to immerse yourself in the Feminine Power through a powerful ceremony with Massage, Meditation, Prayer, Inner Immersion and a little sprinkle of magic?



The purpose of Sacred Body Awakening is to open the connection between womb and heart and unite these with the soul so that the woman comes into full contact with her true essence. It creates peace and freedom in the body, opens up for pleasure and life energy and sharpens the contact with the divine. This is done using an ancient temple ritual where we work with the Divine Feminine Power in meditation, prayer and massage. One works together 3 and 3. Two women perform the ritual and one receives.

It requires courage and dedication, because we must put on all masks and dare to be completely naked and vulnerable to ourselves and our sisters, both figuratively and literally. You will give and receive touch, you will hold and be held, you will flow and be led, you will pray, laugh and cry and reclaim your body, which is your amazing, unique form in the physical. It does not include massage of your yoni (sex).

This will be a day of deep ceremony where you both give and receive, but where the main focus is on the inner process of connecting with the great feminine power, heart, and womb to return to innocence, purity, vulnerability and for to awaken to our authentic, sensual, feminine strength.

After participating in such a ceremony day, you will be invited to monthly temple evenings where we meet and exchange massages and get charged up together.


Timiann Melissa - Moon Priestess, Healer, Love & Intimacy Coach, Sacred Body Awakening Facilitator, graduate of Embodied Intimacy Training & Luminary Feminine Leadership Training.


My great passion is transforming relationships, raising awareness of sexuality and the restoration of the balance between the feminine and masculine power in its highest and purest potency. My highest wish is to see women rise up in their full power together and pave the way for the new era. 

It is from Anaiya Sophia that I learned Sacred Body Awakening.
Anaiya Sophia lives in the South of France and teaches the mysteries surrounding Mary Magdalene.

NEXT DATE:  Has not been planned yet.

PRICE: 111€

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