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My story

My story is long and I must try to make it short and relevant.

I grew up in the countryside, mostly surrounded by animals and nature. Even then, I was very fascinated by the wordless communication I felt, with animals, trees, rocks, water and the earth.

Since 1997, I have eagerly trained extensively in body therapy, healing, meditation, channeling, coaching, couples therapy, shamanism, tantra, feminine leadership, trauma work, and embodied intimacy.

I have always been super sensitive and sensuous, to such an extent that I had to put a lid on myself for many years as I did not know what to do with all the information I was getting all the time. Today, it is one of my superpowers that I am so good at sensing energy in many ways.

When I started learning Reiki 20 years ago, I spontaneously experienced glimpses of past lives during many of the initiations. I was back several times in Egypt, in the temple of Isis, and in the temple of Hathor. It was exciting, but I did not really know what to use it for, except that I felt it confirmed me that I was on the right track.

I was married for 23 years and during all the years, we were very busy exploring how one could evolve through relationships, conscious sexuality and the spiritual angle of the masculine and feminine's energetic dance.  

In 2017, I sat one evening cuddling my son. I was sitting there in the dark checking emails and suddenly there was a sentence in an email that made me respond. It said "Do you feel the call?". Without thinking I pressed reply and replied "Yes I feel the call. I will be there". I went into the living room, not knowing if I should laugh or cry. I had enrolled in Sofia Sundari's Tantric Priesthood School in Ibiza and I had not thought it through properly and I had not flipped it with my husband first as I used to.  I was terrified because I had a feeling of being led, but at the same time my brain was going crazy over how much money it was that it was just a neat idea,  and that I should be away from home for 10 days (my youngest son was 7 years old).

As I sat in the opening circle, the first day in Ibiza, waiting for it all to start, my eyes fell on a young woman sitting at the other end of the room. When our eyes met I started crying and sobbing completely unrestrained. I could not control it at all and at the same time I got pictures of us together in a temple where I had been in charge of the training of the young priestesses. She was one of them and I had loved her very much, as my own daughter.  

During the 10 days we were there, I could feel that this temple life surrounded by women in service was the way I wanted to live my life. But since in this life I am the mother of 3 children, I could not see how I should be able to retire from the pulsating world and live an introverted temple life.  

Later that summer I was taken to Occitania in the South of France and to Anaiya Sophia in 2 rounds. I was initiated into Sacred Body Awakening, which is an ancient temple ritual, and received a lot of transmissions from the places I visited and from Anaiya. Mary Magdalene and Isis became very much alive for me and in me. All the locks were now opened and I began to remember a lot. There were a lot of things I suddenly knew with every single fiber in my body and that truth was impossible to overhear.  

During a ceremony at the Isis Temple in Rennes-les-bains, I started singing and massing at Light Language. Afterwards, one of the other women came up to me and took my hands, looked me in the eyes and said "I would trust you with my life".

Her words were healing and opened something in me. For since Ibiza I had been fighting against a feeling that I should once again step forward and take on a responsibility, and part of me was afraid that I was not worthy of that responsibility.

Since then, I have held space for about 100 women in the Sacred Body Awakening ceremony and we have Temple Evening once a month where we exchange and get filled up. Some of these women (you know who you are and you have my deepest gratitude) have shown great dedication to the feminine power and vision of the Moon Temple. They have supported and encouraged me to move forward and step fully into my power and take on my responsibilities. Without them, I'm not sure I would have dared.

My life has taken a whole new turn, I live and breathe my truth and my life is reminiscent of a modern temple life. The temple is my body, my home, nature, the relationships and communities I co-create. I put who I am in service while enjoying life to the fullest. I do not have to try to do or be something I am not to "succeed". I have understood that if I allow who I really am to step forward and let life flow freely through me, then that is the greatest service I can do. And I can help others remember who they are so they can do the same.

The creation of the Moon Temple and the Moon Priestess Temple School springs from there.

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