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This is how some of the current Moon Priests describe their course in the Temple School:

" The time in the moon temple has for me felt like coming home to a long lost sisterhood and a long lost part of myself. It has awakened ancient light codes and breathed power into the truth of who I really am.


The beautiful ritual togetherness has nurtured a deep spiritual longing in me and opened me up to a greater intimacy with women in a very fine and heart-warming way.


Sacred body awakening meets a deep bodily sensual (not sexual) need in me for intimacy, sensuality, love between women that I have not been able to find proper space for before.


I really appreciate Timiann's sensitive feminine way of holding space and leading. I feel safe and guided, and at the same time free to constantly listen to my own truth. To me, her humility is enormously trustworthy and testifies to the successful integration of her enormous albeit subtle wisdom.


She shows me that leadership can be combined with sensitivity and I feel how it, for me as a participant, creates a very safe holding space. A security that successfully supports the wild high-vibrating force field she initiates us into.


She is also very good at seeing, awakening, acknowledging the unique often half-hidden soul sound in the individual, so that he can find space, expression, freedom and cohesion in a finely co-created group field.


I am deeply grateful to have been initiated into the loving magical embrace of the moon temple and to wish for all feminine beings that they may feel the blessed touch. "

Ellen - Moon Priestess (2020-2021)

“I have worked with many teachers throughout my life - and have also been on development courses that have been transformative. But when I first met Timiann in flesh and blood, I broke down by a movement in all my cells that I have never experienced before.  In the encounter with her gaze, I experienced that I had come home. What I did not know with my consciousness was this: I am the moon priestess! And I'm a Dakini. In practice, this means partly that it is my mission as a soul to serve the highest good, and that I have a special ease and access to sense and heal others and the world with my sexual energy.  


It sounds great - but how do you translate it into practical, lived life in 2021? 

How does my soul carry out its mission in the human body in which I was born?  


That's what I learned from the Moon Priestess program. The course has not only given me a fellowship with 7 other amazing moon priestesses, and a feeling of never being alone again in my spiritual life. It has also helped me to take ownership of the power of the infinitely loving soul that I was born with. It has given me the courage to let that soul stand out clearly in everything I do and say. And it has manifested itself as a feeling of being plugged into the heart ball of the whole power of the universe in such a way that it can be used to heal both myself, others and the world.  

If you feel called, come! “

Luz Marina Vittrup Christensen, Cand. Mag., Author, Executive Coach &  Teacher, Moon Priestess (2020-2021)

"The Moon Priestess Course is an indescribable journey in the sphere of wisdom and the deepest being. It is an initiation of a calling that began for me many years ago, at the meeting with Mary Magdalene. After many years of lonely journey with an inherently longing deep truth, is I have been met, seen and accommodated in the Temple School community guided by Timiann's trustworthy, experienced and competent wisdom.

To enter the Temple of the Moon has meant for me to immerse, refine and understand the wisdom that lives in me, and learn to meet myself in it, and the energies I have with me. "

Cristina Signorelli, active conversations • yoga & meditation, Moon Priestess (2020-2021)

“I can warmly recommend Timiann's Moon Priestess School. I even felt the call from the female divine power deep inside the first time I met Timiann. It is a transforming process that opens doors that have long been closed deep inside. It is an adventurous, affectionate, loving and at times challenging journey home in a self and in the priesthood sisterhood. A journey that opens the heart to light flow and power of the purest nature. "

The warmest recommendations and deep gratitude

Louise Lillith Magdalena, Moon Priestess (2020-2021)

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