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Individually adapted healing

I offer highly effective healing sessions, where I help you clean up the energetic blockages you may have, strengthen and balance your energy system if it has been disrupted by gl trauma, map and reprogram the inappropriate programs that run in your system and purge karmic contracts if you are ready to release them.

My goal for you is the greatest possible freedom to succeed in the things you do.


It's you who do the work, but I can help remove what stands in the way of your success.


I see that many who have been out for abuse, violence, shock, operations etc. may feel very limited by the after-effects of these experiences.


It is not enough to have these processed mentally, the energetic damage and blockages and the bodily memory must also be included in order to be able to move on completely.

My work is based on my 25 years of experience and a sea of educations within healing, shamanism, coaching, couples therapy, Embodied Intimacy, Sacred Body Awakening, Womb wisdom and Tantra.

But also to a large extent in the healing system that I have channeled together with Signe SC Rosenweis, which we call Essence Healing ©, where we go in and recode the thought forms, beliefs, encodings, covenants and contracts, genetic imbalances, collective imbalances and much more which we all carry around in different forms.

I am good at creating a safe space where healing and transformation can happen. I use my clairvoyance to observe and decode the energetic, psychological and physical connections of my clients and use my spiritual insight to guide them through the profound and healing processes.

For pure healing sessions, I prefer to give sessions over the phone, as my clairvoyance is most effective that way and I promise you will feel the energy just as much. 

However, there will also be the possibility of physical sessions in Kbh every Wednesday.


PRICE: 60 MIN - DKK 1250 or 3x for DKK 3300.

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