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The Temple School

Do you feel it?  


The calling to connect, with the ancient wisdom that begins to make itself known.

The calling to activate your full feminine power, which has been dormant for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The calling to connect with  the sanctity of life and the ancient temple rituals.

The calling to yet  again step into and fill the role of the priestess, for the benefit of all around you, the earth and humanity.

Do you feel called to step into  the temple school?

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What is a Moon Priestess


A Moon Priestess is a woman (or man - yes there are some men who actually identify as Moon Priestesses and they are very welcome too) who feels called to put herself in service of the influx of the Divine Feminine, with all of her heart, her body, her soul, and her life.


The Moon Priestess is the bearer of this energy and she strives to be a pure and open channel.  


The moon priestess rests deeply within herself, her body and her sexual energy. She is connected to the earth, nature, the elements, the moon, the sun and her inner wisdom. And she retrieves information from all living things in both the inner and outer world.


The Moon Priestess works for the highest good for all, based on her inner guidance.  


The moon priestess always tries to be awake in everything that happens. She works daily to raise her energy and vibrational level, while being grounded and fully present in the physical life.


The Moon Priestess strives to master the inner and outer world. She makes her spiritual wisdom practically usable in daily life.


The Moon Priestess seeks balance between the masculine and the feminine, in the outer and the inner.  


The Moon Priestess works primarily through her being. All the inner work she does is transmitted to everyone around her. She is aware of this great responsibility. At the same time, she tries to live life in a way that creates as much joy as possible for herself and others, as joy is one of the highest vibrations.  


The Moon Priestess holds a special vibration, and has access to a special wisdom that will permeate her completely unique way of expressing herself in life. No two Moon Priestesses are alike, but they recognize each other on their energy signature.

I am convinced that Mary Magdalene was a Moon Priestess and that the time has come for her to take the place in the world that is hers to take.


Many women wake up as if from an enchanted sleep in these years. We begin to feel and listen to our inner truth, and abilities we did not know we had begins to unfold. It's wonderful and for some also a little scary. In many of us, another memory awakens too, of what can happen if we openly stand by our power, because we have had to let life go on this account several times.  


What is different this time is that we wake up in droves. We are not alone and cut off from other like-minded people. Now we have the opportunity to find exactly the community that resonates most with ourselves.

I have been far and wide and educated myself very broadly over the last 30 years, and gradually it all started to merge and make sense. It was a revelation to me as I began to meet more and more women, that I could recognize from past lives where we had been priestesses together. I started to get visions of creating a Moon Temple in Copenhagen, where we could meet and serve together and in 2020 something crystallized. The Moon Priestess Training presented itself through me, and suddenly EVERYTHING I had experienced and learned made sense. That's how the Temple School came to be. Mary Magdalene stands before me as a role model and Isis as a guiding star.  

Therefore, I created the Moon Priestess' Temple School guided by Isis. The first team of Moon Priestesses was hatched in August 2021 at 8/8 Lionsgate. These women have become the energetic pillars of the Temple. I am deeply touched and grateful for these women and their courage and dedication. Their call to pave the way for anchoring the Feminine Power in the world and thereby creating lasting change makes a difference.


Is this also your calling?

Then it is time to show yourself, as I am calling for the next group of initiates to gather up, before we start the journey i December 2023.

To the Moon Priestess School, I call on you who:

  • Really feel that this is where you need to be.

  • Feel the strongest calling to serve the Divine Feminine and be a channel for that energy.

  • Have been on your self-development journey for a number of years.

  • Have a spiritual consciousness, as the driving force in life.  


You must be ready to:  

  • Step into full awareness.  

  • Have the will to dare to look behind the illusions.  

  • Work towards being fully present in your body.

  • Be activated to stand in your full power and wisdom.  

  • Take responsibility for your gifts and how you use them.  

  • Let go of your identifications and allow who you really are to step forward and reveal itself.

After the training you will be able to:

  • Use your sexual energy consciously for healing and manifestation.

  • Communicate with and commit yourself to the inner and outer world.

  • Be awake, aware, and very difficult to manipulate.

  • Listen to the wisdom of your body.

  • Initiate the journey of others to higher consciousness.

  • Guide others to use their energy consciously.

  • Be deeply grounded AND be able to hold a very high vibration at the same time.

  • Let your light shine and transmit your wisdom through your being.

  • Draw on the old and new wisdom that has been brought to life in you.

  • Follow your very own path.

  • Being a safe and powerful spaceholder.

  • Ready to lead by example.

This is how some of the current Moon Priestesses describe their course in the Temple School:


"The time in the moon temple has for me felt like coming home to a long lost sisterhood and a long lost part of myself. It has awakened ancient light codes and breathed power into the truth about who I really am ........ "

“I can warmly recommend Timiann's Moon Priestess School. I even felt the call of the female divine power deep inside, for the first time ......... "

"....... But when I first met Timiann in flesh and blood I broke down by a movement in all my cells, that I had never experienced before.  In the encounter with her gaze, I experienced that I had come home ........ "

Read the full testimonials here:


Timiann Melissa - Moon Priestess, Energy Intuitive, Master Healer, Love & Intimacy Coach, Sacred Body Awakening Facilitator, graduated from Embodied Intimacy Training & Luminary Feminine Leadership Training and so much more...

My great passion is transformational relationships, awareness-raising sexuality and the restoration of the balance between the feminine and masculine power in its highest and purest potency. My highest wish is to see women
and men rise in full force together and pave the way for the new times.

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