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The Moon Temple

Så er der åbent for tilmelding

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Månepræstinde Tempelskolen


The Temple school now opens the doors for the next group of Moon Priestess initiates, who will start their apprentice period on winter solstice Dec 21'st 2023.

The Temple school is for you who feel a calling to put yourself in service of the Divine Feminine to recreate the balance between the maskuline and feminine in the world.

It's for you who feel drawn towards Maria Magdalene.

For you who wishes to go deep in your spiritual journey.

You who just feels it without being able to fully explain it and you are ready to follow that calling.

If you are curious to hear more about the training, read about it here on the website and you can also come to an online intro call where I will share more, you can ask questions and meet one of the graduated Moon Priestesses. And in the end I will guide a meditation, to give you a taste of the energy and what is being transmitted during the training. 






The Moon Temple is a free space where women can be allowed to dwell in the feminine, take a break from the very masculine world we live in, get more in touch with their feminine sides, heal the imbalances that exist, and come to understand and accept all sides of yourself.

In the moon temple, she can lower her shoulders and shoulders, and breathe a little deeper. It is a place where she can let layers upon layers of defense mechanisms and survival strategies fall away and tap into who she really is, in her purest essence. A place freed from stereotypical ideals of how a "real" woman should look and behave.



From there, she contributes her very special and genuine gift to the society she is a part of. She appears as a whole and authentic person, and dares to be herself in her full integrity, knowing that she has hundreds of women behind her who support her, want her to succeed and who can catch her if she falls on the road.


The Moon Temple is also a free space for men who want to let the feminine power guide, heal, activate and hold them. Here he too can relax and slow down the parades and surrender to the energy that, like a saving angel, flows into the world now, to heal and clean out and create a balance between the masculine and the feminine, both in society and within in all of us.


The Virtual Temple is a place where I guide a meditation or an energy activation. Here you can feel that you are being held by the field and here you can bring your prayers and all that you are.

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Moon Priestess Temple School - Sacred Body Awakening - Temple Evenings

Travel & Retreats - Circles of Wisdom - 1: 1 Sessions -

The activities offered under the auspices of the temple are intended to liberate,  activate and educate.



Energetically, mentally and emotionally from personal traumas and collective encodings.

This is done through healing, trauma work, movement, dance, song, body therapy and awareness raising.



Awaken the inner knowledge we all have, about who we are and what we have come here to contribute, we all have a special gift which when given will make us fulfilled and satisfied.

This is done using the temple ritual Sacred Body Awakening, Womb activation, rites of passage, concerts and meditation.

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Moon Priestess


Timiann Melissa Phantira Ravn  


Timiann's great passion is transforming relationships, conscious sexuality, and the restoration of the balance between the feminine and masculine power in its highest and purest potency.


She raises people's awareness of how they use their energy, thereby influencing each other and the world.

Her highest desire is to see women and men rise in full force TOGETHER and pave the way for the new time.



Create understanding of energetic contexts, the power of thought, the power of woman, womb magic, the sexual energy.


The creation of a new paradigm with roots in the Divine Feminine Power in tune with the Divine Masculine Power.

This is done with the help of the Moon Priestess Temple School, development courses, wisdom circles, weekend courses, temple evenings, lectures, retreats and online courses.

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Welcome to the Moon Temple


Look around the page here - if you become curious about the feminine power and you feel called, I would love to hear from you.

Dearest Timiann Melissa 

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