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The Spiritual Compass
v / Anabella Rerup
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// NEW EPISODE OUT // The Spiritual Compass focuses on the Moon Priestess, rituals and inherited secret recipes for the spiritual life.


Timiann Melissa is the Moon Priestess and she gives us a beautiful picture of how we as humans can dive into our own physical body and have a deep spiritual experience.

The sound of a better life
v / Mannah Guldager
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Do you know the type where you can just get straight to the depths of a conversation right away? (Maybe the person is the scorpion ascendant ...)


My guest today is, Timiann Raven, and we throw ourselves over central moon priestess topics, right away. IT'S SO COOL, and the conversation is a true journey of discovery, as Timiann Ravn continues to have exciting things to enrich us with.


Goddesses as representatives of an archetype

- Separation from religion and awareness of not becoming dogmatic

-  "The art of sharing each other"

- The contact with the other person

- Energy awareness

- How the woman's womb transforms the man's problems

- How can the woman stop it

- Open relationships

- Sexuality in the form of creativity - but what is the difference?

- Erotic energy connected with heart and wisdom

- Embodied intimacy

- Sacred sexuality and primal play

- Sensuality and sensitivity and the pure encounter with what is

- To listen to and respond to your (bodily) needs

- A new dating concept coming upørt-intimitet-mnetempel-timiann-ravn

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