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Golden Grid System

The Golden Grid System is a fantastically effective healing system which contributes to great grounding, removal of stress, anxiety, mental unrest and calming of the nervous system. It has also been shown to be effective for various physical ailments. If you have been exposed to trauma, be it physical or psychological, the Golden Grid System is enormously fast and effective in creating calm in the system again.


Also a really effective tool to help people deal with & ascension symptoms. That is, the physical discomfort you can experience (sometimes so strong that people go to the doctor, who cant find anything), when your body adapts to the energy and vibration changes that the earth and all of us are in the middle of now, when we move from 3D to 5D.


In the Golden Grid System, the therapist activates specific points in the clients energy system, without touching, using vibrating, inaudible sound waves, Advanced Sound-Wave Energy, which emanates from the therapists body. These sound waves work on the bodys energy systems, the chakras, the bodys electromagnetic field and the polarized magnetic field.


The healing works both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It starts in the physical, by almost pulling the stress out of the body, it provides grounding and clarity in the mind, It can remove deep-rooted anxiety/fear already in the first session.


Many experience a huge change already after 1 treatment, but the ideal is 3 sessions within a period of one and a half months. The first two sessions 1-2 weeks apart and then the third after about 1 month. The energy is then fully activated and continues to work for up to 6 months afterwards.


As a therapist, you get a complete healing system here. It does not require any prerequisites to learn this, but it is a very specific technique that must be learned and followed with each and every treatment. The client sits on a chair and you can therefore give it anywhere.


Can also be given as remote healing to both humans and animals.


In addition, you will learn a fantastically effective way of working with the chakras.


The next course is on 13-14 Oct 2022 at 10-16 Thursday and 9-15 Friday.

The teaching takes place in small groups in Lund (Sweden), 40 minutes from the town hall square by car and 50 minutes by train from Kbh H. The course site is 2 minutes walk from the station. It is possible to spend the night on site.

PRICE: DKK 3200 and includes lunch, snacks, course materials and membership of a closed Facebook group.
The payment can be divided according to agreement.


REGISTRATION & INFO: or +45 53 77 16 68 

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