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Opening ceremony on 21 December 2023 - "Activation" 

On this day, we will kick off the training with a powerful initiation and rite of passage. 

Here you confirm to your soul, your inner guides and the universe that you are consciously entering your apprenticeship as a Moon Priestess. 

You now begin an intensive journey into understanding and remembering who you really are. You will learn and relearn the wisdom that lies latent in your DNA, and you will learn to draw information from the planet and the universe.

We will open a field which will last us through all 12 months and which will nurture and support the development of you as a budding Moon Priestess in the best possible way.

We open ourselves to the Divine Feminine and ask her to hold us and flow through us.

We will bring in our Mothers and Grandmothers and we will connect with Mary Magdalene and Isis and ask them to be our guides throughout the process.

  • You will receive a Moon Initiation. 

Part 1: January-March 2024 including a 2-day Retreat in Sweden on Jan 20-21  

 "The Moon, Womb, Woman,Magdalena, Sexuality, Dakini, The 7 portals"

In the first part, we will delve into the cyclical work, both in relation to our own cycle and the cycle of the moon. Regardless of whether we have a "normal" cycle, have irregular bleeding or have gone through menopause, our body still follows a cycle, and we can use it consciously.


We also need to work with our Womb Space. It doesn't matter whether you've had your uterus removed or not, you still have a powerful Womb Space that few of us know how to use fully.


We will activate, cleanse and free your Womb and you will come into contact with it in a whole new way. We will learn about the portal to higher consciousness that all women carry.

We will work with archetypes and how they represent parts of ourselves that must be fully integrated if we are to be strongly rooted in our full power and potential.

  • You will learn how to consciously use your cycle as a powerful tool for self-insight and flow-filled creation.

  • You will receive a Womb Blessing and Activation.

  • You will be initiated into Sacred Body Awakening - a tantric temple ritual that you will both give and receive. The ritual strengthens the connection to the Divine Feminine, yourself and the memory that lies dormant in your cells, waiting to be activated.

We will also deal with our sexual energy and our sexuality. We will clean out both collectively and personally. Our sexuality is one of the areas that has been most shamed, polluted, molested, attempted to be suppressed, exploited and damaged. 

We must free ourselves from these attempts to hold down our vitality and intuitive creativity. We must understand what a potent gold mine of primordial power and wisdom lies dormant, numbed, locked up and crippled in our body.


We become aware of our own sexual shadows, so that they become an integral part of ourselves.  We learn to use this energy consciously and cleanly.

  • You will go on an in-depth journey with your sexual energy, and learn to use it consciously in everyday life - even when you are not having sex.

  • You will receive collective and personal healing on your sexuality.

  • You will receive cleansing of old memory of abuse and insecurity, from this life and other lives.

  • You will learn to make love to life. 

  • You will be invited to train with Yoni eggs.

  • You will learn to initiate and to give sexual healing to others.

  • You will learn to use the enormous power of orgasm constructively.

Part 2: April-June 2024 including a 3-day Retreat in Sweden on June 20-23 

"Energy Awareness, Healer, Prayer, Ceremony & Rituals, Spaceholder, Voice, Vølve"

In this part, we will dive deeply into the topic of energy. We gain an understanding of how energy works and how we influence each other and the world with our own energy - for better or for worse.


Once you've gone through this training, you can no longer excuse yourself with ignorance. You will have to take responsibility to an even greater degree for your energetic doing and being, which is a big part of being a Moon Priestess.

  • You will gain an expanded understanding of energy and how to mentally read into and influence energy.

  • You will learn to keep a solid and safe space in different ways.

  • You will learn how to open and close energy- and healing fields.

  • You will learn about vibration and frequency and how to work with them.

  • You will learn how to navigate in both 3D-4D-5D simultaneously

  • You will learn how to access the Akashic records and all available information.

We must also have liberated and activated our voices.


We look at the history of the feminine voice.


We must enter the body, both physically and energetically, and free the voice and our throat chakra. 

We must see what karmic contracts lie around our use of the voice, and we must experiment with different ways of using it.


We must speak our truth and give voice to who we truly are. 


  • You will be guided on a shamanic journey into finding your hidden voice.

  • You will receive a Light Language Initiation.

  • You will learn to use your voice for self-healing, channeling and transmission.

And we have to train to become powerful spaceholders.

You will learn how to open and close a room and when it is appropriate to call in which fields

  • You will learn how to protect yourself and stabilize your energy 

  • You will train to set clear, transparent intentions with high ethics and morals

  • Are you in service or is it the group that serves you (what is the purpose of what you do)

  • When we become visible, we may well meet resistance and projections

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses

  • Be willing to see your shadows 

  • Acknowledge your responsibility and own it

We must get to know our inner strengths so we know what we are capable of.

We must learn to hold a powerful space and be a link between the outer and inner world.

We must train our systems to hold energy and change our vibration, in order to become clear transmitters of the light we connect with.

Summer Solstice Ceremony on June 20 - "The Sun"


We celebrate the longest day of the year with a Sun initiation and a solstice ceremony. And for the next 15 days you will go on an inner journey with the sun and the masculine.


Part 3: July-September 2024 including a 2-day Retreat in Sweden Aug 31-Sep 1 

"The Sun & Moon, Feminine & Masculine, Sacred Union, Jeshua & Mary Magdalene"

In this part we look at the masculine and feminine balance in ourselves.


We shed light on our shadows and look at how the unhealthy/immature feminine and masculine lives in us.


We clean up everything that is distorted, inherited and collectively programmed. We make peace with the masculine and all that it has caused in its imbalance.


We invite the Divine Masculine into our body and our life.


We reconcile and unite the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within ourselves.


We open ourselves to Sacred Union - Oneness. 

  • You will be guided to self-insight, healing and union between the masculine and feminine in you and your life.

Part 4: October-December 2024 including a 3-day retreat in Sweden on Nov 8-10  

“Serving the Divine Feminine, Reclaiming the Magdalene, Moon Priestess, Initiation"

What does it mean to be a Magdalene? 


What is her role today?


How can she live on through you?


What is your role in bringing Magdalene back to her rightful place in history, at Jesus' side, as woman, priestess and master?

Now we must collect everything we have learned and discovered about ourselves.

We reveal our specialty (Dakini, Vølve, Healer, Spaceholder) and our growth points.


What does it mean to go into service and what does this look like for you? What kind of "medicine" are you bringing into the world?

You will get help to become concrete in relation to your continued work.


You must really step into your power and show that you are ready for the responsibility that comes with being a Moon Priestess before you receive your initiation.

Closing ceremony on 21 December 2024 - Celebration

We will create a beautiful ceremony together to end the process. 


We will close the field, which has held us for all 12 months, and now stand in our own power.


We know how to stay connected to each other, ourselves, our guides, Mother Earth & the universe.


We know how to keep drawing on the wisdom that is always available to us.


You are now an initiated Moon Priestess

​ - ready to serve the world in your unique way - 




The training is structured as a mixture of retreats, ceremonies, online teaching, 1:1 mentoring & live zooms.

This is what you get:

  • 1 year course which runs from 21'st Dec 2023 - 21'st Dec 2024.

  • You will get an abundance of digital educational material & transmissions in a mixture of texts, videos & audios - all delivered in a beautiful app, which makes it easy and clear for you to find your way around.

  • 3 ceremonies.

  • 2 x 2 day retreat in Sweden.

  • 2 x 3 day retreat in Sweden.

  • 2 x individual mentoring with Timiann Melissa.

  • 1 x personal soul scroll from Aletheia Pistis Sophia.

  • 10 x 2 hour live group mentoring on Zoom.

  • Du will have lifetime access to the course and the SoulDriven app.

  • Access to a closed online community, with the possibility of Q&A.

  • You will have a sparring partner throughout the course.


DKK 33.000 by paying the entire amount at once

or deposit of 3.300 and 12 X 2.600 DKK by installment payment (Final price by installment payment DKK 34.500)

Early Bird

Save DKK 1.000 no matter which price plan you are on.

Want to apply?

Write to  or press the button below

to book a free zoom call,

where we clarify whether the Temple School is the right place for you.

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