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The Man's Gift

Development group for men over 6  times

Personal development group for men, where we will look at:


How you are present in your life. 

Do you feel free to be the best version of yourself?


How you are present in your relationships. 

Are you caught up in roles that do not allow you to be true to yourself?

How you are present in your relationships. 

How can you be true to yourself even when you are in relationships (boyfriend, work, family)?

Get help breaking broken or ingrained patterns.


How you are present in your sexuality. 

Is it a source of joy, pleasure, creativity and vitality or confusion, frustration, shame  and performance anxiety?

Sexuality - we examine the relationship to your own sexual energy, the sexual encounter and sexual blockages.

What about love and intimacy in your life?


We will work with the recurring themes that most men have with such as 

collective encodings on being a man, guilt and shame over what the masculine have done, the feeling that it is impossible to do well enough in relation to the women in your life, take ownership of your shadows, choose to be the best version of yourself, break out of the pleaser role or of always being in opposition and defense, the fight ml to control or be controlled. Pleaser or macho.


Are you completely in balance with the masculine and feminine in your inner and outer life?

We will go through a shamanistic initiation into a healthy masculinity.

And last but not least, you will receive a transmission of energy from the Divine Feminine, which will go in and heal the deepest wounds you carry on behalf of all men, caused by the unbalanced masculine energy that has dominated the world for a long time. Create peace in your body, your mind and your energy system in relation to both the masculine and the feminine.


What is it about?

About being the best version of yourself.

About being able to be true to oneself in all relationships.

About owning one's sexuality without being controlled by it or displacing it.

About daring to open up to and invite more love and intimacy into his life.

About seeking balance between the masculine and the feminine, both internally and externally.

About finding security in brotherhood and using the group as a mirror and support.


What is special about this?

Woman as guides.

We work with body, mind, thoughts, emotions and energy.

We go through the feminine force into a mature masculinity.

Former participants say:

“I find that Timiann has an amazing ability to create a trusting space where she draws on both her feminine and masculine energies. And with various exercises, she sheds light on deep and under-illuminated aspects of the man role today. ”

"I love the bodily approach you use and wonderful to have meditation and the spiritual with which I still have not really grasped - so much to learn."



The next group will not start until the spring of 2021



Kr. 2300, -


You are welcome to book a FREE 15 min zoom call

for a clarifying conversation

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