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Intimacy Training for Men

  • Do you find it difficult to attract or hold on to a partner?

  • Do you feel insecure about your own or others' sexuality?

  • Do you want to use your relationship to intimacy, sexuality and relationships as an opening for personal and spiritual development?

  • Want to understand how you use your energy and how you influence others energetically?


I offer one-on-one sessions ,

where we through an initial conversation and

different exercises, find out your biggest growth areas .


I then make a plan for a course where you both  


  • will be challenged because I want to show you sides of yourself,

     you may have a hard time accepting,  

  • will be invited to show me EVERYTHING you have,

     both the "nice" and the less "nice"  

  • will be met and held in that which is difficult and  

  • where you can be allowed to practice, to be conscious and authentic in the encounter with a woman.

I can offer you razor-sharp feedback on what happens energetically in me when you show me your different masks / roles / patterns, when you try to manipulate, control or please, when you have an agenda and when you dare to meet me openly and genuine.


I can guide you to become aware of everything you send out of energy and signals, which makes you feel insecure, repulsed, attracted, insecure etc. I can look behind what you are sending out, see where it is coming from and help you get cleaned up in the inappropriate patterns.


It is easier for most people to hear and receive from another one's partner, because when it comes from one partner it can feel like a wish that you should change for the sake of the other and your partner usually also has a story that fits "perfectly" with yours, so you trigger each other's "core wounds" and it therefore becomes difficult to see clearly what is mine and what is yours. I base my feedback solely on what you have said you want to work on. I do it for your sake and it comes from a “clean” place in me that has no hidden agenda.


I'm spacious and non-judgmental, which makes most people confident AND I see right through you, which makes some a little uncomfortable. But if you want to become aware of yourself, it can be a great help.


I use my clairvoyance, my super-sensitive sense body and my intuition along with my experiences from couples therapy, Embodied Intimacy, tantric temple work and 20 years of curiosity about conscious sexuality and transforming relationships.



This work can go really deep if you are ready for it.

I only accept clients who are interested in personal and spiritual development.


If you are really ready to look honestly at yourself and become aware of all that prevents you from being clear in your energy, your signals, your communication, your intention and if you get your "wounds" healed in relationships to intimacy, sexuality and close relationships, then you will find that people react completely differently to you in the future.


There is nothing more delicious than a man who rests in himself and who dares to meet others openly and honestly without agendas. Such authentic encounters open up a whole new experience of intimacy, sexuality, and relationships.

You will be a gift to everyone you meet!


First session of 1 hour 1,250, -

Then I recommend a course of 6x2 hours for 12,500.


Do you want to take individual sessions cost 

1 hour 1250, -

2 hours 2300, - (I recommend 2 hour sessions, so we can get in depth)

Feel free to book a FREE clarifying interview on zoom.

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