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About regaining a foothold after violence and abuse

When you have been subjected to abuse and violence, it leaves a deep mark on you both mentally, physically and energetically.

It may well be that you think you have got it a little at a distance. Maybe you even talked it through with a psychologist, but it keeps straining your legs in different ways. It can be insomnia, PTSD, stress, problems in relationships and sexuality, problems with boundaries (both getting them set in a good way and getting others to respect them), mgl confidence, shame and low self-esteem that you is exhausted, has thoughts, is oversensitive, lacks grounding and of course it can also manifest itself in physical "problems". Maybe you also attract the same type of man over and over again.

In addition to the psychological, this can be due to a damaged energy system, overloaded nervous system, a soul that "checks out" as it is too scary to be in the body, karmic contracts, often an insecure inner child, energetic "parasites", kundalini problems, chakra imbalances etc. .

Full Freedom - Course
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In the spring of 2021, you have the opportunity to go for full freedom through a 17-week course. In those 17 weeks, you will be helped to look at it all over again, not to relive the story, but to understand what you are coming from, how it has affected you and what you can do to move forward.   

The course consists of 17 zoom meetings 17 weeks in a row. In addition, it will be possible to have individual sessions once a week from one of us.  

Trauma is when you experience something that is too difficult to deal with yourself and do not get help to deal with it. So when we now go into these experiences, which of course have been traumatic, we make a virtue out of the fact that you can feel that you are not alone with it anymore. We help you through it and being followed along as a group, allows us to create a group field that can lift and support you all throughout the period.

The challenge when participating in online courses is that it does not oblige in the same way by having to show up at a certain time, as you can always watch the replay. Therefore, what you get out of the course depends on your own commitment. We will, in every possible way, do ours to keep you on fire, but in the end it is your own choice.

To get the full benefit of the retreat, you must have followed the course and done the exercises we suggest along the way. If you do, we will in return guarantee that you will feel more free in relation to yourself, your relationships and your life.


  • We help you through it and being followed along as a group, allows us to create a group field that can lift and support you all throughout the period.

  •   We will work with the psychological, through conversation, exercises and teaching in self-regulation and reprogramming.

  •   We will work with the physical through movement, listening to the body, somatic resources, getting a new felt experience of security.

  •   We will work with the energetic through healing and meditation.

  •   We want to build a whole new confidence in yourself as a woman and build your self-esteem.

  •   We want to heal and create a new contact for your sexuality and your vitality.

  •   We want to strengthen your ability to feel and set boundaries and the ability to feel safe.

  •   We want to "clean up" your body, mind and energy system so that it becomes safe to be you and so that your soul feels like being more present down in your body and thereby you get the opportunity to be more present in your life.

  •   We will heal and release your heart, your body, your nervous system and your energy system.

The group is led by two competent therapists and therapists Shekinah Taramanya and Timiann Melissa Phantira Ravn.  

Shekinah  has experienced on her own body how difficult it is to move on after traumatic experiences and it was only when she was helped to break the energetic imbalances and to release the bodily memory and the locked emotions that she began to feel that she had power back over his own life.


Timiann has 25 years of experience as a healer and therapist and it was she who helped Shekinah find her way through the hell she was in. Timiann specializes in relationships, cleansing of abuse and their consequences, women's sexuality and how to create security in the body and nervous system.


There will be 3 different packages in 3 price ranges:

You can choose to pay the full amount at once and save a good portion of money

or you can be allowed to pay a non-refundable deposit and divide the rest of the payment into 3 installments due 1 March, 1 April and 1 May.

Package 1: You get 17 zooms plus 1 session before the start of the course.  

        Price ISK 9995 or deposit ISK 3000 and 3 installments of ISK 2985 (End price 11955, -)

Package 2: You get 17 zooms, 1 retreat in June plus 3 sessions, 1 before course, 1 in the middle and 1 before retreat.  

        Price DKK 16545 or deposit DKK 5000 and 3 installments of DKK 4665 (End price 18995, -)

Package 3: You get 17 zooms, 1 retreat and 17 individual sessions  45 min every week.  

           Price 26175 ISK or deposit 7000 ISK and 3 installments of 7111 ISK (End price 28335, -)

  • In addition, you will receive an email every week with a replay, various bonus materials such as audio files or videos, etc., to support your process.

  • You will also have the opportunity to get a “Buddy”, which you check in with regularly throughout the course.

  • You will become  invited into a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions or share insights with the rest of the group.




17 - 24 Feb 2021

3 - 10 - 17 - 24 - 31 Mar 2021

7 - 14 - 21 - 28 Apr 2021

5 - 12 - 19 - 26 May 2021 

2 - 9 June 2021


Retreat on Friday 25 June at 5 pm - Sunday 27 June at 4 pm.

If interested write to Shekinah at or Timiann at and we will contact you to find a time for a 15 min free zoom conversation where we can find out if we are the right match and whether it's for you. We can elaborate more on our mission and vision for this course.

You are also welcome to the free intro zoom on 27 Dec at 10-11.30

Dearest Shekinah and Timiann

Tel: 26 22 33 26 Shekinah / Tel: 53 77 16 68 Timiann

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