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Program 2023

Online introductory meeting about the Moon Priestess Training 


Now the Temple School is opening its doors to the next batch of Moon Priestess aspirants, who will begin their 1-year training period at the winter solstice.

The Temple School is for you who feel a call to go into service to restore the balance between the masculine and feminine in the world.

For those of you who feel drawn to Mary Magdalene.

You who want to go deep on your spiritual journey.

You who can just feel it, without being able to explain why and who are prepared to follow what you feel.

If you are curious to hear more, you can sign up for our online introductory meeting on Sunday 24 September at 4 pm. You can also have a replay sent to you.

Sacred Body Awakening - Ceremony day

for women only

Saturday June 11th at 9am-5pm


The purpose of Sacred Body Awakening is to open the connection between womb and heart and unite these with the soul, so that the woman comes into full contact with her true essence.


It creates peace and freedom in the body, opens up enjoyment and life energy and sharpens contact with the divine.


This is done using an ancient temple ritual where we work with the Divine Feminine Power in meditation, prayer and massage. You work together 3 and 3. Two women perform the ritual and one receives.

REGISTRATION & QUESTIONS: or +45 53 77 16 68






The course is held in Lund (Sweden), 40 minutes from the town hall square by car and 50 minutes by train from Kbh H. The course location is 2 minutes walk from the station

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