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The Moon Temple

The Moon Temple is a place for all women regardless of age, nationality and religion, who come together in celebration and celebration of the precious holiness of life.

In the Moon Temple, there will be circles for all the initiations / challenges that life offers, from the first menstruation, sisterhood, women's sexuality, abuse and violence, motherhood, relationships / marriage, illness, divorce, menopause, death and grief, old age and much more.


There is a need for a place where women can be women who rest in themselves, know themselves, know what they want and do not want, what they like and dislike, are in touch with and trust their built-in wisdom, find and dare to express their own voice.


I believe there is a need for a place that celebrates the feminine and the feminine not as an alternative to the masculine and masculine, but as something balanced and equal. I believe that one of the great weaknesses of our society is that it is built around the "old" masculinity. The masculinity where power and money rule the world.

There are so many wonderful men who want to help create a better world for all of us to live in, but they have tough odds. Not only is society rebuilt around the old norms, but men also carry a lot of collective guilt and shame over all the terrible "men" have done throughout history. And we women do not let them go so easily either, because completely unconsciously we contain a lot of collective anger and distrust towards men, which does not necessarily have anything to do with the individual man, but which is about "men" in general.

I do not think we can create the world we all dream of, where the individual takes responsibility, where love and compassion are valued qualities, where we take care of each other and where a happy life is important, where men and women are equal and where Diversity and diversity are seen as a strength where intuition and inner knowledge are as important as purposefulness and dedication. All this does not happen until we heal the masculine and feminine in ourselves individually and create a balance between the masculine and the feminine both in the interior and in the exterior.


I believe that women play an important role and we can start by creating a free space where women can be allowed to linger in the feminine, take a break from the very masculine world we live in, get more in touch with their own feminine sides, heal the imbalances that are and understand and accept all sides of oneself. A place where she can lower her parades and shoulders and breathe a little deeper. A place where she can let layer upon layer of defense mechanisms and survival strategies fall in and find out who she really is in her purest essence. A place that is free from stereotypical ideals about how a "real" woman should look and behave. From there, she will be able to contribute her very special and genuine gift to the community she is a part of. She will be able to stand out as a whole and authentic human being and dare to be herself in full integrity, knowing that she has hundreds of women behind her who support her, want her to succeed and who can seize her if she falls by the wayside. .

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