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Introductory evenings

Centrally in Copenhagen, we will hold a free introductory evening for you with an interest in the Moon Priestess' Temple School on 24 June at 18-20.


If you're wondering if this is something for you, then come and hear more and get answers to all your questions.

Timiann who is the main teacher in the Temple School will of course tell a lot, but will also guide a meditation and give a transmission of what the Temple School can offer you.

This is your chance to meet Timiann and see if it feels right for you.

You will also have the chance to meet Cristina Signorelli , who has taken the Moon Priestess education herself and who teaches Kundalini Yoga at the Temple School.

Click on the button below, if you want to attend the introductory evening on June 24, you will receive the exact address.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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